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Plant Unit Vocabulary

chlorophyll, gametophyte help students assimilate material , nonvascular plant, frond, cuticle, photosythesis, vacuole, sporophyte, vascular tissue, tissue, fertilization, fiddlehead, sori, chloroplast, zygote short answer questions , vascular plant ,

a frond that is still curled and edible, a low-growing plant that lacks vascular tissue, the leaf of a fern plant, the internal transporting tissue in some plants- tube like, The process by which plants capture light energy, a waterfilled sac inside a cell that acts as a storage area, the stage in a life cycle of a plant in which spores are produced, a fertilized egg, produced by the joining of a sperm and egg, a cluster of plant reproductive bodies, a structure in the cell of plants that captures energy from sunlight interactive , the stage in the life cycle of a plant- gametes (sex cells), a waxy waterproof of layer that covers leaves and stem, the joining of a sperm cell and egg cell, group of similar cells that perform a specific function, a plant that has vascular tissue, a green pigment found in the chloroplast of plants and algae,