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Relative Pronouns - Basics

1. I am wearing a hat # is too big.
which, who, Answer_3_(optional),
2. We live in a house # has eight windows.
which, who, Answer_3_(optional),
3. I am the owner of the car # he takes away!
which, who, Answer_3_(optional),
4. Big dogs are pets # need a lot of space.
which, who, Answer_3_(optional) quiz generator ,
5. Is that the man # was hurt in the accident?
which, who, Answer_3_(optional) create online quizzes ,
6. My sister is the one # talks on her phone all the time.
which, who, Answer_3_(optional),
7. There is the store # sells unusual pets.
which, who, Answer_3_(optional) class website ,
8. That is the friend # took care of my dog.
which, who, Answer_3_(optional) activity ,
9. Where is the mil # was in the fridge?
which, who, Answer_3_(optional),