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Math Vocabulary

Function, Complex Numbers short answer questions , Set, Domain, Imaginary Numbers ESL , Remainder Theorem, Range, Ordered Pairs, Natural Numbers, Integers, Real Numbers, Ration Numbers, Critical Value school , Relation:, Element interactive , Maximal Domain,

counting numbers from one up (ℕ), All numbers that do not contain imaginary parts (ℝ), A set of ordered pairs, A number consisting of a both real and imaginary parts (C), Square roots of negative numbers (i), (ℚ) All numbers that be expressed as a fraction of integers (not π) , Natural Numbers, including zero and negatives (ℤ), Pairs of numbers. That is, co-ordinates. These are elements of relations , The value that makes the divisor equal zero, A relation in which each element of the domain occurs once. learning , A member of a set (∈), A set of all the Y values gained from plugging the domain into a relation, The largest possible set for which the function has meaning, The set of all the X values that can be %22pluged into%22 a relaion, A group (contained in {}) of number, When a variable is replaced by the critical value to get the remainder,