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Active and Passive Voice 1 (copy)

1. The captain scored the only goal of the match.
, ,
2. In many countries, Labour day ... on May 1 every year.
are cleaned every morning., teacher , ,
3. The owner of the attache case will give a reward to the finder.
, ,
4. Five lucky winners #
is delivered every morning., , ,
5. ? new here processed Are applications
, ,
6. hit by the The . little boy bully was
, ,
7. The national anthem is being sung by Joshua this time.
was sold five minutes ago., , ,
8. The hibiscus ... in Malaysia.
are all spoken in Switzerland., online quizzes , ,
9. There are no newspapers left. The last one #
is thought to be a good candidate for the scholarship., , ,
10. These windows #
had his pocket picked., , ,
11. The child ate the last piece of cake.
, ,
12. The money was stolen.
carrying, is carrying educational activities , is carried, carried,
13. The librarian read the book to the students.
is made, made, making, is making,
14. will The watered regularly plants if die aren%27t they .
was discovered, discovered, was discovering,
15. Jane #
are killed, were died, were killed, was killed,
16. The language specialist gives a lesson every week.
is celebrated, is celebrating, celebrated,
17. Two people ... in the accident yesterday.
is requiring, is requires, requires, is required,
18. Penicillin ... by Sir Alexander Fleming.
commonly found, is commonly found, is commonly finding, commonly finds,
19. French, Italian, Romansch and German #
selects, is selecting, selected, got selected,
20. It would have been fixed on the weekend.
rumoured, was rumoured multiple choice questions , is rumoured results history , rumours,
21. Romeo and Juliet #
was having, is having teaching , has, had,
22. My . got to invited party the friend
, ,
23. They are paid on Fridays.
The winner was chosen after the final performance., , ,
24. the was invented when ? microchip
, ,
25. He ... his house burgled last weekend.
The plants will die if they aren%27t watered regularly., , results ,
26. They ruined the car through poor driving.
grading , ,
27. Oxygen ... for a fire to burn.
Are new applications processed here?, online learning games , web page,
28. The manager will give the welcoming speech.
, ,
29. Bread ... from wheat
The little boy was hit by the bully., , ,
30. good stamina for is Vitamin E that It . believed
, ,
31. The post #
It is believed that Vitamin E is good for stamina., , ,
32. his sold friend My . two thousand dollars had painting for
class website , ,
33. I ate a piece of chocolate cake.
, ,
34. The police will inform the public of the change in the traffic system.
35. Smoking #
36. It ... that he is resigning.
37. The gardener planted two rows of orchids.
38. Many children love animals.
PASSIVE, crossword maker ,
39. The lion killed its prey with a vicious stroke of its paw.
PASSIVE mix questions , ,
40. ACTIVITY 5 Change each sentence from Active Voice to Passive Voice. Example: Active Voice: The passer-by caught the thief. Passive Voice: The thief was caught by the passer-by.
41. ACTIVITY 1 Write the correct ending for each sentence in Passive Voice. You can use each ending only once. Endings: - were chosen at random. - is thought to be a good candidate for the scholarship. - are all spoken in Switzerland. - was written by William Shakespeare. - are cleaned every morning. - had his pocket picked. - is delivered every morning. - is not allowed in this office. - were presented to the winner. - was sold five minutes ago.
42. I will introduce you to my boss this week.
43. ACTIVITY 3 Rearrange the words to form sentences in Passive Voice. You must use all words in their given forms.
44. was that 10 o%27clock the bus I at told leaves .
, ,
45. ACTIVITY 2 Read the sentence and choose one option which best fits the space.
Animals are loved by many children., , language ,
46. The movie is being made in Hollywood.
A lesson is given by the language specialist every week., Every week, a lesson is given by the language specialist., , ,
47. Oxygen ... by red blood cells.
The last piece of cake was eaten by the child., , ,
48. His hair was cut by a professional.
The only goal of the match was scored by the captain., , ,
49. ACTIVITY 4 Identify the type of Voice for each sentence.
The welcoming speech will be given by the manager., , ,
50. My uncle was queuing up for a ticket when he #
The public will be informed of the change in the traffic system by the police., The public will be informed by the police of the change in the traffic system., , ,
51. robbers were this arrested The morning .
, ,
52. A huge bunch of flowers and a cheque for $10,000 #
The prey was killed with a vicious stroke of the lion%27s paw., The lion%27s prey was killed with a vicious stroke of its paw., Its prey was killed by a vicious stroke of its paw., With a vicious stroke of the lion%27s paw, the prey was killed., teaching , ,
53. My neighbour ... for the squash team.
The car was ruined by them through poor driving., , ,
54. I washed my car three weeks ago.
A reward will be given to the finder by the owner of the attache case., A reward will be given by the owner of the attache case to the finder., , ,