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Vocabulary # 21

Complete activity until you get 100%25 at least once.

1. something that worries you because you can%27t figure it out
preplex, squat, recruit, sashay
2. having a hard time breathing
wheeze, distract, sashay, sleuth
3. e-learning walking in a fancy way so other people notice
sashay, sleuth, mischief, undeterred
4. something that stops you or your plans
thwart, preplex, plethora, meander
5. something that takes your attention away
distract elearning , sleuth english , squat, recruit
6. short and thick
squat, plethora, sleuth, apprehension
7. a large amount of something, sometimes more than you want
plethora, apprehension, squat, wheeze
8. active teaching irritates or annoys people but doesn%27t hurt them
mischief, plethora, hunch, recruit
9. convince people to help you do something
recruit, undeterred, mischief, thwart
10. calm and not worry about what happens
nonchalant, meander, hunch, apprehension
11. keep going even if others try to stop you
undeterred, mischief, plethora, recruit
12. moves slowly and not in a straight line
meander, sleuth, sashay, plethora
13. afraid that something bad might happen
apprehension, sashay, meander, sleuth
14. a detective or someone who solves mysteries
sleuth, preplex, sashay, undeterred
15. strong feeling that something is true even without having any proof
hunch, fascinate, preplex, plethora