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BASIC JOURNALISM - Direct and Indirect Speech 1

1. %22Most drivers tend to allow their hands to cross while making a turn.%22
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2. %22Why are you crying?%22 asked her mother.
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3. %22The average driver,%22 affirms Joe Speed, %22cannot even handle the steering wheel properly.%22
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4. ACTIVITY 2 Convert the remarks made by racing ace, Joe Speed, into indirect speech.
Her aunt told the girl that one day she would be sorry., , ,
5. %22Don%27t call me after three,%22 my friend said.
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6. %22Why aren%27t your boots polished?%22 asked the sergeant.
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7. %22Why are you late?%22 the teacher asked the student.
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8. %22Such a two-hand co-operation makes for better turning.%22
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9. %22Please pay at the counter,%22 said the salesgirl.
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10. %22Come out with your hands up,%22 shouted the police sergeant.
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11. %22Don%27t open the box, Dollah,%22 shouted his mother.
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12. %22I meant to invite you to the party but I forgot your address.%22 said Ahmad.
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13. %22The practice will be cancelled Ii it rains this afternoon,%22 said the coach.
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14. %22If you want tickets for the concert, book early,%22 said the organiser.
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15. %22Why are there so many books in your house?%22 the old lady asked her.
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16. %22Leave by that door,%22 the usher said.
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17. %22I will talk about how to take corners in my next lesson.%22
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18. ACTIVITY 1 Change the questions, statements, requests, commands and warnings into indirect speech. Example: Direct: %22What is the time?%22 the man asked. Indirect: The man asked what the time was.
He claimed that most drivers tended to allow their hands to cross while making a turn., He said that most drivers tended to allow their hands to cross while making a turn., , ,
19. %22One day you%27ll be sorry,%22 said her aunt.
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20. %22The steering wheel is best divided mentally into two halves and each should be controlled by one hand.%22
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21. %22That%27s dangerous and sometimes even fatal.%22
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22. %22The left hand should make a continuous downward motion while gripping and releasing the steering wheel for a left turn.%22
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23. %22I%27m afraid I don%27t have the answer,%22 replied the library officer.
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