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Grammar Placement Test Level 2

1. I love swimming. - ___
Neither do I., So do I., So I do., Nor I.
2. ___ of them are good at horse riding.
One, None, Neither, Both
3. I%27m not interested ___ studying law.
on, in, at, about
4. We ___ go swimming every Saturday, but now we don%27t.
didn%27t use to, usually, nver, used to
5. This summer we ___ in Greece for a month.
are staying, staying, going to stay, stay
6. What are you going to make fo breakfast today? - I don%27t know. I think I ___ make some salad.
am able, would, might, should
7. ___ father gets home, we are going to have dinner.
Only, As, While, As soon as
8. If he ___ out more, he would make friends.
went, goes, is going, go
9. The restaurant was full but we ___ a table.
had booked, booked, have booked, had been booking
10. That%27s the shop ___ Paul bought his bike.
in which, where, that, which
11. The DVD ___ next week.
have released, would have released, would have been released, will be released
12. It was ___ boring book I%27ve ever read.
much, as, more, the most
13. Mark ___ be working today. He always works on Saturday.
might, can%27t, must, shouldn%27t
14. If I ___ the film was so boring, I wouldn%27t have gone to the cinema.
would know, had known, would have known, knew
15. - I haven%27t read this article. - ___
I didn%27t., Neither have I., Neither did I., I haven%27t.
16. We can ___ stay here or go out.
both, either, or, neither
17. Mike ___ to driving to school. He never walks.
used, didn%27t use, is used, isn%27t used