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Placement test 1

1. ___ children are very naughty.
Mine, His, Ours, Theirs
2. Tom is ___ than Mary.
fat, the fat, fatter, the fattest
3. Jane speaks English ___.
good, well, much, bad
4. I%27m sorry I%27m ___.
late, later, more late, lately
5. Chris is sitting ___ his parents.
over, at, before, between
6. There is my grandma ___ the picture.
on, in, at, into
7. My birthday is ___ 3rd June.
in, at, on, onto
8. ___ two chairs in my room.
There is, There, Are, There are
9. Andy ___ a brother.
don%27t have, doesn%27t haveweb page, have, haven%27t got
10. My mother ___ in hospital
doesn%27t work, work, don%27t work, working
11. ___ she know me?
Do, Is, Has, Does
12. Tom ___ a match on TV now.
is watching, watches, watch, watching
13. I never ___ to the disco.
goes, going, go, am going
14. You ___ at school yesterday.
was, are, were, is
15. ___ tired?
Did you, Do you, Have you, Were you
16. We ___ a big dinner yesterday.
hadn%27t got, had, haven%27t got, didn%27t
17. ___ a friend when you were a child?
Did you, Did you have, Had you, Were you
18. Amy ___ basketball yesterday.
has played, has been playing, had played, played
19. I ___ to a party last Monday.
go class page , was going, went, am going
20. While I ___ in the park, I met Veronica.
was jogging, jogging, jogged, am jogging
21. Mark ___ to UK five years ago.
go, was going, had gone, went
22. I ___ Olga since 2002.
know, have known, has known, knew
23. improve results ___ I smoke here?
Can, Will, Am, Have
24. We ___ our grandparents tomorrow.
visit, have visited, are visiting, going to visit
25. prepare quiz The match ___ at 2 o%27clock.
start, starts, has started, starting