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verbs and prepositions

1. She reports ___ the R%26D manager.
of, to, in, at
2. We firmly believe ___ the value of creativity.
about, of quiz builder , from, in
3. Our effort has resulted ___ high development.
on, from, in, at
4. The company performance concentrates ____ improving sales.
of, about, in, on
5. Those products don%27t belong ___ my company.
on, in, to, of
6. They applied ___ managing director.
for, to, on, in
7. We should benefit ____ further training.
of, to, on, from
8. Our finance department has invested ____ stocks.
on, to, in, from
9. My team has succeeded ___ closing the deal.
about, in, on, of
10. Those policies consist ____ quality improvement.
on, of, about, in