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World War Two review

1. Review the virtual flashcards first. 2. Please complete the review activity until earning 100%25 at least once in order to earn credit.

Asa Randolph, Dutch East Indies, Dawes Plan or circular loans, Atlantic Charter, draft started in the United States, Big Three, Zoot suit riots, in August of 1945 online activities , Normandy, Alamogordo, New Mexico, 1935 Neutrality Act, in May of 1945 online quizzes , Manhattan Project, bracero program, zero, cash and carry policy, year World War II officially begins with invasion of Poland e-learning , Nye committee conclusions, Washington Conference, appeasement , Korematsu versus United States educational games , Stimson Doctrine, bases for destroyers agreement, Ultra and Magicstimulate your students , firebombing, 1941 online learning games ,

travel on belligerent ships at own risk, tension between West Coast servicemen and Hispanic youth, Supreme Court decision justifying internment help students assimilate material , effort by Europe to satisfy Hitler%27s demands so as to avoid war , highly flammable bombs dropped on enemy targets online education , 1939, version of lend-lease between Britain and US, Allied intelligence efforts to break Axis codes, V E Day, agreement emerged limiting naval armamaments, location of atomic bomb testing, V J Day, Stalin, Churchill %26 Roosevelt/ Truman during WW II, effective Japanese plans used at Pearl Harbor create online tests , efforts to assist Germany with paying debts, D Day online education , effort to develop the atomic bomb, belligerents purchase nonmilitary goods %26 transport them, year before declaration of war / 1940, bought Mexicans into nation as supplemental laborers, oil rich Pacific area Japan sought to conquer , CORE leader who demanded equal treatment in war industries, WW One involvement caused by business trickery, refusing to accept Japanese seizure of territory in Asia, British-US agreement for war goals, US drawn into declaration of war after Japan%27s attacks,