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Possessive Adjectives 1

1. The book belongs to Mary. It%27s ___ book.
his, her, our, their
2. The suits belong to the boys. They%27re ___ suits.
our, their, my, his
3. The house belongs to us. It%27s ___ house.
my, their, your, our
4. The eraser belongs to Fred. It%27s ___ eraser.
his, her quiz generator , our, their
5. Those shoes belong to the children. They%27re ___ shoes.
his, her, our, their
6. The hat belongs to you. It%27s ___ hat.
your, my, his, her
7. The hats belong to you. They%27re ___ hats.
your, his, her, our
8. results The notebook belongs to me. It%27s ___ notebook.
his, their, my, our
9. This pen belongs to Mrs. Williams. It%27s ___ pen.
his, my, your, her