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Lists 14-16 Vocab

beckon, prophecy, scheme, deformed, hoax, eerie, perish, superior, awkward online learning games , enchanted, vermin, sledge, stern class website , Edmund symbolizes, plead, venture, treachery web 2.0 , remarkable, ransack, dispute, repulsive invite students , fraternize, dismay class website , sulkily, inquisitive, Aslan symbolizes, forfeit, horrid online activities , summon elearning , solemn, dominion, stammer,

a trick, Judas, signaling for someone to come to you english , to set off, to leave, questioning, a large sled pulled by animals, weird, to die, land, territory, to argue, to hang out with, pests, rats, mice, bedbugs, misshapen class page , greater, betrayal, extraordinary, plot, plan, a prediction, to beg, stutter, repulsive, to quit, give up crossword maker , strict, uncomfortable, disappointment, to call for someone, Jesus, grumpily, gloomily, to search through, horrid, gross, sad, serious, magical,