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Active and Passive Voice 2B

Doer is Obvious, No Explicit Doer, Need to be Tactful, To Sound More Objective,

The accounts are to be audited every year., All luggages must be inspected at the customs., Salaries will be paid at the end of each month., This case will be investigated for foul play., The school toilets are cleaned twice everyday., The library is closed on Sundays. , She was arrested for drug trafficking last Tuesday., The victims were conveyed to the nearest hospital., quiz generator Wine is produced in France., Rubber trees are grown in Malaysia., More than 50 million animals are killed for fur every year., The Great Singapore Sale is held every mid year., Christmas Day is celebrated on Dec 25., The Olympic Games is heavily sponsored., Sheep are sheared for wool in New Zealand., Fresh food is delivered to our markets every morning., Due to lack of funds, your proposal has to be rejected., Though appreciated, your assistance is not required., generate answer keys Your show was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances., elearning Your impractical design needs to be altered., Your pay is cut in response to the recession., Your factory is losing profit and must be downsized., You will be placed on probation to claim a license., To convince, your argument must be re-justified., Moderation is believed to be key to good health., It is recommended for expansion., The NKF president was suspected for fraud., GST needs to be increased by 4%25 this year., This accident was mainly caused by negligence., It is better to have seat belts installed to increase passenger safety, web 2.0 Mike Tyson was defeated by Lennox Lewis in the ring., His statement was proven false in court.,