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Active and Passive Voice 2A

Identify the purpose for using Passive Voice for each sentence.

Receiver is More Important , Doer is Unknown, An Official Statement, Refers Generally to People,

A five-year-old boy was seized by three scruffy men., The young patient was attended to by specialists., Lee Hsien Loong was sworn in by the chief judge., The next Harry Potter film will be released by Warner Bros., Singapore used to be inhabited by the Orang Laut., The raging fire was extinguished by firefighters., The actress was found shoplifting by a salesman., The Titanic was hit by an iceberg on 1912., The bank was robbed., The cars were vandalised., Beaches were littered these days., save time A ransom note was delivered hours later., The man was believed to be murdered., He was pickpocketed in the train., The notes were printed illegally., Famous paintings have been stolen from the museum., Trespassers will be prosecuted., Offenders will be fined., Late submissions are not accepted., Students are expected to be punctual., Service will be terminated due to poor conduct., The contract must be signed with a guarantor., Outside food is not allowed in this premises., Your card will be issued in a week after application., Good food is loved everywhere., Eggs are seldom eaten raw., Justice is respected., Wars should be discouraged., An huge increase in income tax would not be welcomed., National Day is celebrated once every year., Sufficient sleep is required for good health., Racial harmony must be maintained.,