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GRAMMAR - Sentences, Compound 1

1. We can%27t do anything until.....
YES, NO, ,
2. %27Since you have made the effort to apologise _________ I will forgive you.%27
YES, NO, ,
3. %27We are sure we phoned and booked a room at the hotel last week ____________ the receptionist has no record of it.%27
YES, NO, class web page ,
4. %27Your dog is well behaved _____________ your cat scratched me the minute I arrived!%27
YES, NO, ,
5. %27I can do these questions ____________ I%27m going to get an %27A%27!%27
YES, NO, ,
6. Don%27t go out until.....
YES, NO, ,
7. %27__________ you drive me there yourself, I%27m never going back to Scotland!%27
YES, NO, ,
8. It was still cold but the rain had stopped.
YES, NO, ,
9. We%27ll go into town if.....
YES, NO, ,
10. ACTIVITY 3 Which is the best joining word to fill the space in this sentence?
YES, NO, create online quizzes ,
11. They won%27t come if.....
, ,
12. %27I got your message ________ I came over straight away.%27
and the door., not very old., it was rotten., before the winter.,
13. %27I won%27t have enough money to live on __________ I can get help with paying my rent.%27
you%27ve finished your work., the match was cancelled., before it started to rain., so they went together.,
14. I had my hair cut, it was too long.
already been there., the weather is bad., turn off the lights., it was raining.,
15. %27Max wants to learn carpentry _________ his maths isn%27t good enough yet.%27
every Saturday., I finish this work., the bus was late., very busy.,
16. The window needed replacing because.....
unfortunately., couldn%27t find it., in the garden. elearning , in a hurry.,
17. I%27ll go home after I%27ve seen the film.
please phone me., if I hurry., the doctor arrives., I%27m sorry.,
18. I played badminton because I was tired.
still plays rugby., it%27s his birthday soon., next week., quickly.,
19. He is in his fifties but.....
I%27m moving to the country., there is too much traffic. print quizzes , for seven years., a small village.,
20. I will meet you although I have done all the chores.
in Paris., he was worried., last Saturday. ESL , I am hungry.,
21. %27I did not know how to use joining words correctly _________ I practised them with Kubbu!%27
in the summer holidays., she went out without a coat., in winter., the bus arrived late.,
22. He looked everywhere for the cat but.....
, ,
23. Although it was cold,.....
and, but, because, so,
24. He took a taxi although it was raining,
and, so, but, because,
25. %27My name is Ranjit _________ I am 47 years old.%27
so, and, but, because,
26. %27Leana is overjoyed _________ because her daughter has just got married.%27
and, but, because prepare quiz , so,
27. %27The chicken is in the oven __________ the potatoes are boiling on the hob.%27
but, because quiz builder , so quiz , and,
28. %27I am old ____________ I still play football.%27
because, so, but, and,
29. We tried to get tickets but they had sold out.
because, and, but, so,
30. I got up late today, I didn%27t hear the alarm clock.
and, but, because, so,
31. %27Fried chicken is delicious ________ it has a high fat content.%27
so, and, but , because,
32. %27I%27m going out ____________ I can%27t stand the noise the kids are making in here.%27
and, so, but, because,
33. I hate living in London so.....
, ,
34. ACTIVITY 2 Choose the ending that makes a compound sentence.
,, then, but, .,
35. She got dressed but went outside.
Yes, But, Although, (Leave the gap empty),
36. %27Julia is going to complain _________ her employer refuses to provide maternity leave.%27
if, but, ,, and,
37. ACTIVITY 1 Is this a correct compound sentence? Click %27Yes%27 or %27No%27.
,, so class page , and, but,
38. %27___________ she seems happy, I know that she cries when she%27s alone.%27
so, ., (Leave the gap empty), ,,
39. ACTIVITY 4 What should go in the gap to complete the sentence(s)?
., unless quiz generator , maybe, if,
40. %27Chris is my cousin _________ he will be staying with me for a while.%27
yet, however, ,, so,
41. %27It might rain _________ you%27d better bring a coat.%27
,, because, (Leave the gap empty), .,
42. I put on a jumper although I was cold.
If, Even if, When, Because,
43. My father rang me because.....
when, until, because computer assisted language learning , if,