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GRAMMAR - Tenses 1

Click on the Verb Form that best fills the gap.

1. When you ... to my house, I showed you my holiday photos.
come, are coming, will come, came
2. If the television doesn%27t work we ... call the electrician.
had, have, will, are
3. Can you hear the birds ... in the trees?
singing, sang, will sing, will be singing
4. When you leave, ... the door behind you.
closed, closing, have closed, close
5. When Sasah ... for the interview, did she wear a suit?
is going, has gone, goes, went
6. When this work is finished, I ... a happy woman.
am, would be, was, will be
7. Are you ... about your future?
thinking, think, thought, to think
8. To get to the classroom, ... the first turning on you right.
to take, taking, will be taking, take
9. If you ... to pass this exam, you must work hard.
are wanting, wanted, will want, want
10. Last week, the printer ... to be fixed.
needs, is needing, needed, was needing
11. Sylvia ... the canteen when I started working here.
was running, runs, will run, had been running
12. When I was young, I ... to grow up fast.
wanted, am wanting, want , will want
13. They ... to go to Florida next year.
went, are going class website , will, go
14. When I listen to music I ... all my worries.
forget, am forgetting, have forgotten, will be forgetting
15. Why ... ? You didn%27t even like him!
you cry, crying, you cried, are you crying
16. When you leave, ... the door behind you.
closed, closing, have closed, close
17. You ... to drink a lot of water in the desert.
are needing, have needed, needs, need
18. How will I ... you if you have no telephone?
be contacting, have contacted improve results , to contact, contact
19. Ricky ... to sleep before 10pm.
is going, was, was going, goes