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Codes, Tenets, Attitude Requirements, Mottoes %26 Purposes,

Loyalty to Country, Integrity, All Out Effort, Traditionalism, teacher Obedience to Parents, Concentration, Serious Approach, Professionalism, Honor Friendship, Perseverance, teacher Do not be overly ambitious, Brotherhood, educational games No Retreat in Battle, Respect and Obedience, short answer questions Practice basic techniques all the time, Better Person, In Fighting, Choose with Sense and Honor, create online quizzes Self Control, Frequently inspect your own achievements, Self Defense, Nara E Chung Sung, Humility, tool for teachers When you begin to feel idle, try to overcome this, Health, Boo Moo E Hyo Do, Indomitable Spirit, web tool Maintain regular and constant practice, Regularly spaced practice sessions, teaching Sal Sang Yoo Taek, Kyum Son, Chung Shin Tong Il, Repeatdely Practice All Techniques Already Learned,