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GRAMMAR - Subject-Verb Agreement 3

For each sentence, replace the original subject with another that has been stated for you. Following this, you are to re-write the whole sentence according the new subject. You might have to change the Verb to agree with the new Subject.

1. My brother and his wife are expecting their first child. New Subject = I
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2. These films contain strong language. New Subject = this film
, ,
3. Derrick was having difficulty laying the bricks. New Subject = they
, ,
4. She has been to the cinema once since she met Dave. New Subject = you
tool for teachers , ,
5. I want to go home before it gets dark. New Subject = you
, ,
6. The table squeaks whenever it is moved. New Subject = the tables
computer assisted language learning , ,
7. Dogs usually chase after cats. New Subjec = the dog
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8. You sing beautifully. New Subject = she
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9. We usually do the washing at the weekend. New Subject = he
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