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GRAMMAR - Subject-Verb Agreement 2

Choose the right Verb Form.

1. My uncle and his wife ... on holiday to Brazil.
going, goes, are going, is going
2. ESL He ... his social work course.
have started, has started, start, is started
3. quiz builder Dionne ... him flowers every year for his birthday.
buys, buy, is buying, buying
4. The words on this sign ... too small.
are , is, being, be
5. In business, it ... to be polite.
pays, pay, is paying, be paying
6. David ... the phone at the warehouse.
answers school , is answering, answer, answering
7. The fingers on my left hand ... slightly shorter than the ones on my right.
are, is, be, been
8. Curtis ... in Birmingham.
lives assess performance , are living, live, living
9. Haley and Georgette ... going to the cinema.
love, loves, is loving, are loving
10. assess performance The office ... open on a Sunday.
do not, does not, are not, don%27t
11. teacher Dr Makunga ... $40,000 a year.
earn, earns, are earning, earning
12. Cigarettes ... bad for your health.
is, are, am, be
13. Isata%27s brothers ... in Scotland.
is living, living, live, lives
14. The students ... lunch at 1.00pm.
has, is having, have, to have
15. The figures in this spreadsheet ... add up correctly.
doesn%27t, doing, don%27t, does not
16. Michael and Tega ... twins.
are, is, be, being
17. If you ... your assignment, please hand it in.
have finished, has finished, finished, is finishing
18. None of you ... the right answer.
is knowing, to know, knowing, knows
19. Elephants ... peanuts.
eat, is eating, eating, eats