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Bow to Grandmaster, Double Action Jump Front Kick, Double Action Jump Roundhouse Kick, Perseverance, Justice, Vigilance, Six inhabited continents where Tang Soo Do is practiced, Master’s Belt; ultimate goal of all students mix questions , Middle (Center) Knife Hand Block , Inside/Outside Kick, Whole Person Concept, Beginner’s belt Primitive Stage A seed under the snow. test , Yang Part; active, hot, day, Side Block in fighting stance, Opposing but Complementary Forces, Double Action Jump Side Kick, Hammer Fist, Sit down, Meditation, Outside/Inside Kick, Bow to Master Instructor, Um Part; passive, cold, night, Cross-Leg (Hook) Stance, New growth in Spring. TSD knowledge reveals itself. , 50 States of the United States, Two Hand block in front stance, Side Punch, Side Stance, World Tang Soo Do Form #3, Fire, WTSDA is worldwide, Return educational activities , Korean Flag, Hardiness, Valor, Low Knife Hand Block, Purity, Innocence, Mastering the art of Tang Soo Do, Unity and Brotherhood, Bow to multiple black belts, Earth, Water, Heaven, Salute the flag, Axe Kick, Attention, 13 Original Colonies (6 white, 7 red) web 2.0 , Back Fist,