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GRAMMAR - Subject-Verb Agreement 1

Choose the correct Subject.

1. My wallet was stolen this morning.
My wallet, was stolen, this, morning
2. Time flies when you are having fun.
Time, flies, you, are having
3. Ben has left his coat in my house.
Ben, has left, his coat, in my house
4. All of the steps in this dance are difficult.
All of the steps, in this dance, are , difficult
5. Artists need to be very observant.
Artists, need to be, very, observant
6. Has your pen ever run out in an exam?
your pen, ever, run out, in an exam
7. Sara and Sheryl are training to be nurses.
Sara and Sheryl, are training, to be, nurses
8. On Saturdays, Chantelle plays football in the park.
Saturdays, Chantelle, plays, football
9. The music technology course will cost $120.
The, The music technology course, will cost, $120
10. On the application, all sections must be completed in block capitals.
On the application, all sections, must be completed, in block capitals
11. During the interview, the interviewer will be forming an opinion of you.
During the interview, the interviewer, will be forming, an opinion of you
12. Mr Lestas is going to talk to us about household budgeting.
Mr Lestas, is going to talk, to us, about household budgeting
13. This project requires excellent teamwork.
This project, requires, excellent, teamwork
14. My cat, Socks, likes being let in through the window.
My cat dynamic quiz , My cat, Socks,, likes being let in, through the window
15. generate answer keys In most cases, old houses are badly wired.
most cases, old houses, are, badly
16. Both of Justin%27s children refuse to eat vegetables.
Both of Justin%27s children, refuse, to eat , vegetables
17. The scissors must be in the drawer somewhere.
The scissors, must be, drawer, somewhere
18. crossword maker The Housing Office will be open between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
The Housing Office , will be open, between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
19. Could you send that letter first, class, please?
you, send, that letter, class