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Making Inferences.6.1

Choose the best answer for each question.

1. The tow truck took the car into the mechanic%27s garage. The owner of the car followed. The mechanic used his equipment to lift the car. %22What do you think happened to the tire?%22 the man asked. In response, the mechanic held up a nail. %22Oh,%22 the man said. %22I see.%22
The paragraph is about cedar shavings., The paragraph is about a bird., The paragraph tells you how Norville lives., The paragraph tells you how to clean a gerbil cage.,
2. In paragraph #5, where does this story take place?
Sunshine, Sunset distant learning , Rainbow, Horizon,
3. I carefully reached into the cage and gently picked up Norville, my gerbil. I put him in a temporary box. Then, I scooped out the moist cedar shavings in his cage. I poured in fresh bedding. I changed the water in his drinking tube, and filled his food tray. I carefully placed a happy Norville into the cage.
It was a beautiful sight, It was a strange sight, It was a frieghtening sight, It was boring.,
4. In paragraph # 3, why did Shannah watch it?
evening, midnight active teaching , noon, dawn,
5. Shannah gazed raptly into the distance. The mountains were a black silhouette against a blaze of color. Pink and violet were mixed with butter yellow. The yellow deepened to an orange glow. Violet deepened to blue. Shannah watched until all the colors drained away into the shadows.What was Shannah watching?
in a city, in the country, on a different continent, near the train station,