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Cold War lingo

Please complete the activity until earning 100%25 at least once.

KGB, Third World, conventional war, ICBM, CIA, Cold War, NATO print quizzes , SDI, Warsaw Pact, Mikhail Gorbachev, major purpose of Maryland based Fort Detrick, biologial weapons, proxy war, intelligence, iron curtain, George Bush-41, %22the Papa%22,

Cold War era, Soviet spy agency, chemical agents or viruses created as Cold War weapons , Soviet era premier and reformer , used to describe Soviet control of Eastern Europe during Cold War, major United States spy and analysis agency, US plan to deploy laser mounted satellites as missle defense, center for biologial weapons development testing, underdeveloped nations which require economic assistance, carries nuclear payload between major land masses crossword maker , American President when Cold War officially ended, alliance backed by Soviet Union and disbanded in 1990%27s, confrontation involving little %22face to face%22 fighting english , superpowers supporting opposing sides in smaller %22hot%22 war quiz generator , fight between nations avoiding use of nuclear weapons, alliance originally formed as defense against Soviet Union, inside or secret information concerning a foreign power ,