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basic grammar

1. water _____ at 100 degrees Celsius
to boil, boiles, boil, boils
2. George _____ to the movies very often
don%27t go, don%27t goes, doesn%27t go, doesn%27t goes
3. online activities ______ in a meeting at this moment?
do they are, they are, they do are, are they
4. how often ____ Tom play jokes?
do, are, is, does
5. everybody _____hard every day
works, work, is work, do work
6. the movie _____ at 7pm
begin, begins, is begin, are begin
7. the train _____ in half an hour
leaves, leave, lives, live
8. _______ you busy and tired?
is, do, are, does
9. quiz builder _____he married?
are, do, does, is