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BASIC JOURNALISM - Vocabulary, Accident News, Activity 1

Activity 1 Divide According to Category From the pool of words and definitions below, categorize each word according to four main groups.

Police and SCDF, The Injured and Family, Vehicle, Eyewitness,

hydraulic spreader and cutter to free the occupant, class web page shocked by the news, extricate casualties from the wreckage, sustained multiple fractures, conveyed to the hospital, called to alert police about the accident, online education deployed / despatched to the scene, to stabilize the casualty%27s condition, skidded along the road, overturned to the side, slumped unconscious, pinned from knee downwards, spun out of control, minor cuts and bruises, burst into flames after the crash, detained driver for questioning, elearning flung out of the vehicle, severed limb, visibly distraught, partly crushed driver%27s cabin, create online tests can call the traffic police hotline at 1800-547-1818, pronounced dead at the scene, in a critical condition, lying in a pool of blood, collided into, gave the police a tip-off, abrasion, create online quizzes outpatient treatment, appeared agitated and inconsolable, heard a loud bang, overtaking suddenly, recorded car%27s license-plate number,