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BASIC JOURNALISM - Vocabulary, Crime News, Activity 1

ACTIVITY 1 Indentify the Correct Word From a few sentences related to crime news below, identify the correct word which matches the following definitions.

1. A marker pen, an ATM card, and a lighter were among the evidence found in her possession. - reasons for believing that something is or is not true
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2. PHNOM PENH - PROSECUTORS at Cambodia%27s UN-backed war crimes court argued on Monday that the Khmer Rouge prison chief has given inconsistent accounts of his seniority in the late 1970s regime. - having different parts of a reason, idea, or opinion, etc. that do not agree
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4. The police are appealing for witnesses to the incident. - making a serious or formal request
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5. - punishments for doing something that is against a law
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6. SEOW Kok Hock would demand money from his 82-year-old grandmother Tan Poh Teen. When she refused, he would get angry. The 25-year-old, who is unemployed, had assaulted her once and even threatened his father with a chopper when the older man told him to stop hassling the grandmother. - attacked someone violently
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7. When the quarrel died down, Seow went to have a smoke in the kitchen. There, his father reprimanded him for asking money from his grandmother. - expressed a strong official disapproval of
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8. Singapore Customs said that buying, selling, conveying, delivering, storing, keeping, possessing or dealing contraband cigarettes are serious offences under the Customs and GST Acts with stiff penalties. - severe
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9. A first time offender may be fined a minimum $4,000 and a maximum $40,000 or jailed up to three years or both. - a person who is guilty of a crime
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10. A WOMAN fell prey to a thief at a supermarket in Ang Mo Kio Hub on June 20 at about 9.15pm. - suddenly began to suffer as a result of something or someone bad (2 words)
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11. FOUR youths, aged between 16 and 24 years old, were arrested on Monday for suspected involvement in a series of loanshark harassment cases islandwide. - a behaviour that annoys or upsets someone
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12. A TAXI driver was jailed last Thursday for delivering contraband cigarettes, said the Singapore Customs on Tuesday. - brought into or taken out of the country secretly and illegally
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14. Kaing Guek Eav, better known by his nom de guerre Duch, is on trial for overseeing the torture and extermination of 15,000 people who passed through the hardline communist movement%27s notorious Tuol Sleng prison. - the hearing of statements and showing of objects, etc. in a court of law to judge whether a person is guilty of a crime
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15. Further investigations allowed the Police to establish the identities of her accomplices and in a joint operation with the Criminal Investigation Department that very day, several locations in Marsiling Lane, Whampoa Drive and Jurong West were raided. - discover or get proof of something
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16. - forced someone officially to stay in a place
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17. Vehicles used in the commission of such an offence are liable to be forfeited and those found in possession of a packet of duty-unpaid cigarettes, face a minimum fine of $500 or prosecution in court. - having (legal) responsibility for something or someone
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18. - entered a place suddenly to find someone or something
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19. - famous for something bad
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20. According to a statement released by the police on Tuesday, they investigated a harassment case in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 on June 22 this year at about 8.30am. - something that someone says or writes officially
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21. They may also be caned if they had caused damage to property or harmed others while committing such acts. - doing something illegal that is considered wrong
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22. Seow pleaded guilty to both offences on Tuesday and was jailed for nine weeks. - made an urgent, emotional statement or request for something
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23. Less than a year later, they had another row. - a noisy argument or fight
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25. The cigarettes were worth more than $13,600 and the duty and GST evaded amounted to over $11,510. - avoided or escaped from
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26. All suspects will be charged in court on Wednesday for loanshark harassment. - accused of a crime with a formal police statement
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27. * ARTICLE 5
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