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The Missing Pencil

1. Where did Matt look for his pencil?
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2. Matt was ready to do his homework. %22I am going to ace my math test,%22 he said. Matt opened up his math book and grabbed his notebook. %22Uh oh,%22 Matt said as he looked in his pencil case. His pencil was not there. %22Where is my pencil?%22 Matt asked. %22I need my pencil to do my homework.%22 Matt looked in his book bag. His pencil was not there. Matt looked around his desk. He did not see his pencil. Matt looked at the floor. His pencil was nowhere to be found! %22Mom, I cannot find my pencil,%22 Matt yelled. Mom walked into his room and pointed to the mirror. She said, %22Look over there.%22 %22What? My pencil is not over there,%22 Matt said. When Matt looked in the mirror, he blushed. His pencil was behind his ear!
He will not do well., He will hurry., He will get a good grade. interactive learning ,
3. Who helped Matt find the pencil?
around his desk, his book bag, on the floor,