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The Missing Earring

1. The earring Mary found is #
Aunt Jane, Mary, Mary%27s mom, Ms. Santos,
2. The earring Mary found is #
white, gold, silver, black,
3. Who has square earrings?
Ms. Santos, Mary matching excercise , Mary%27s mom, Aunt Jane,
4. Whose earring has feathers
Ms. Santos, Mary, Mary%27s mom, Aunt Jane,
5. Mary%27s mother%27s earrings are #
her own, her mom%27s, Aunt Jane%27s, Ms Santos%27s,
6. Mary found an earring. Whose earring is it? Is it Aunt June%27s earring? No. Aunt June%27s earrings are silver. This earring is gold. Is it Mommy’s earring? No. Mommy’s earrings are square. This earring is round. Is it Ms. Santos’ earring? No. Ms. Santos’ earrings have feathers. This earring has beads. Is it Aunt Lucy’s earring? No. Aunt Lucy’s earrings are large. This earring is small. Whose earring can it be? “Silly,” said Sara. “It’s your earring, Mary! Put it back in and let’s go play.” So they did.
silver, gold, Answer_3_(optional),
7. Ms. Santos%27 earrings have #
silver, gold, Answer_3_(optional),
8. Aunt Lucy%27s earrings are #
square, round, Answer_3_(optional),
9. Whose earring did Mary find
square, round, Answer_3_(optional),
10. Who found the earring?
feathers, beads, Answer_3_(optional) interactive ,
11. What color are Aunt June%27s earrings?
feathers, beads, Answer_3_(optional),
12. The earring Mary found is #
small, large, Answer_3_(optional),
13. The earring Mary found has #
small, large, Answer_3_(optional),