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Match sentences halves

Complete each sentence on the left with the correct phrase on the right (połącz połówki zdań tak aby otrzymać logiczną całość). GOOD LUCK !!!

We sing, We solve, We build, We shake, We celebrate, We weigh, We climb, We water, We break, We knock online , We collect, We draw, We feed, We taste online activities , We hoover, We sew, We sweep, We mend, We punish, We disturb, We comb help students assimilate material , We fold, We light, We hang, We accelerate, We repair, We light, We guess, We fasten, We kick, We rub, We ride,

with a vacuum cleaner., our jacket on a peg., mountains, stairs and ladders., our jackets or seat-belts. web tool , clothes which are torn or have holes in them., our hands if it%27s very cold., stamps or model cars., the floor when it%27s dirty., bicycles or horses., a person%27s age if we don%27t know it., broken machines or old cars., with thread and needle., a birthday or success by having a party., a candle or a fire., hair., when we want to overtake a car., hands when we meet somebody., songs. invite students , our clothes when we pack., plants., pictures and maps., ourselves, or a parcel before we send it., people who do wrong. computer assisted language learning , a candle or a fire. printable , eggs to make an omelette. educational activities , hungry animals and children., houses or walls., a problem if we can., a football with our feet., people if we make a noise. quiz , food or drink to see if it%27s good., at the door.,