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What is your new colleague like?, What would Lara like to do tomorrow?, What was the party like? print quizzes , Who does your son look like?, What would your guests like to do?, What%27s the weather like in London?, What%27s the new shopping centre like?, Who do you look like in your family?, What does Marta like doing?, What does your brother like doing?, What do your chilrden like doing?, What does Peter look like?, What do the twins look like?, What would you like to drink?, What do you like doing?, What does your girlfriend like?,

He%27s tall and handsome., She likes cooking., I look like my mother., It%27s huge., He%27s kind and funny., They like going to the playground., She%27d like to visit the National Gallery., He likes modelling planes., I like travelling., She%27s slim and pretty. help students assimilate material , They%27re both blond., It was a bit boring., It%27s grey and foggy. educational activities , He looks like me., They%27d like to go to Balaton., Orange juice, please. results ,