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Vocabulary # 19

Complete activity until you get 100%25 at least once.

indomitable, transpire, prosper, amiable, jaunt, flabbergasted, squander, verify, texture, altercation, consistent, reputation, expedition school , vivacious, extravaganza, speculate,

to make sure something is true, lively and exciting, an important trip to reach a particular goal, something that is extremely fantastic and amazing, something that happens over a period of time results history , so surprised you don%27t know what to think or say, to never give up or admit defeat, things that act, happen, or look about the same each time crossword maker , the way something feels when you touch it e-learning , wasting your time or money on something worthless, a short trip that you go on for fun, something that is successful and makes money, predict or thinking about something that may happen, an arguement or disagreement online learning games , what someone thinks about you or about something, friendly and people like being around you,