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(ITF) Key Apps: PowerPoint 2007: Lesson 7: Bringing It All Toget

1. A benefit of setting up your presentation to end with a black slide is for a visual clue to the audience that the presentation has ended.
2. If you are on slide 3 during the slide show and you wnat to move to slide 5, how could you move to that slide?
Speaker notes, Reminders of things to do for the presentation, A way to organize your thoughts as you work on the presentation, Any of these answers,
3. Notes can only be created in the Notes pane.
TRUE, FALSE, crossword maker ,
4. How can you run a slide show?
To distribute to the audience for reference after the presentation, To allow the audience to make notes during the presentation, To use as a hard copy of the slides in your presentation, Any of these answers,
5. To stop a slide show at any time, which button could you press?
On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, View Show, Click in the Slide Show View button in the Status bar interactive , Press F5, Any of these answers,
6. If you wanted to print a presentation but change some of the options for printing, which method would you use?
TRUE, FALSE learning , ,
7. You can only print the slides and speaker notes.
8. When creating notes, what are you actually creating?
Right-click the screen, click Go to Slide and then slide 5, Stop the slide show and navigate to slide 5, then start the show again, Use Next to move to slide 5, Use Next in the Slide Show menu to go to slide 5,
9. During the show, if you wanted to emphasize a point, you could activate the pen option and draw or circle the point on the slide.
Enter, Esc, Delete, Any direction key,