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(ITF) Key Apps: PowerPoint 2007: Lesson 1: Getting Started

1. How can you close a presentation?
2. Which view button would you use to view multiple slides?
Blank Presentation, My Templates dynamic quiz , New from Existing online activities , Installed Templates,
3. How can you save a file for the first time?
6, 8, 10, There is no limit,
4. You can enter text using either the Outline or the Slides tab.
5. With the New Presentation dialog box, you can create new presentations using:
Click Office Button, Save, Click Office Button, Save As, On the Quick Access toolbar, click Save, Press CTRL%2bS,
6. What type of software is PowerPoint considered?
Select File, Close, Press CTRL%2bW, Click on the Close Window button at the far right of the menu bar, Any of these answers,
7. Which method can you use to open a presentation?
Click Office Button, Open, On the Quick Access toolbar, Click Open, Press CTRL%2bO, Select file from Recent Documents list,
8. Placeholders contain the content you want included on the slide and display a help message indicating what can be entered into the placeholder.
Answer_1, Answer_2, Answer_3 multiple choice questions ,
9. When entering points onto a slide, how many points should you try to limit on a slide?
Answer_1, Answer_2, Answer_3,