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(ITF) Key Apps: Excel 2007: Lesson 7: Getting Ready to Print

1. How can you insert a page break?
Click the Office Button, Print, Click the Office Button, point at Print, click Print Preview, On the View tab, in the Worksheet Views, click Print Preview, On the Quick Access toolbar, click Print Preview,
2. Set print titles when your report is longer than one page and you want the column headings to appear at the top of every page before the data.
TRUE, FALSE matching excercise , ,
3. Margins can be changed from the Preview mode as well as the Page Setup option.
On the Insert tab, in the Setup group, Paste Break, On the Insert tab, in the Break group, Page, On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, clcik Page, Break, On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Breaks, Insert Page Break,
4. Why would you want to preview a worksheet prior to printing?
Page, Margins, Header/Footer, Sheet,
5. To activate the Print Preview mode, you can:
6. A chart will always print in color while the data prints in black and white.
7. To print the entire workbook, click the printer icon on the Quick Access toolbar.
8. You should still proof your worksheet even after running the spell checker
The entire workbook, A selection in the current worksheet, Only the current worksheet, Specific pages of the current worksheet,
9. Which tab would you use in the Page Setup dialog box to change the orientation fo the report?