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(ITF) Key Apps: Excel 2007: Lesson 5: Using Miscellaneous Tools

1. The header row is the text that appears across the top of every page in the printed report.
2. When setting up sort keys, you can only sort similar data types, e.g. only numbers.
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3. How many columns can be set up as sort keys?
4. Ascending order sorts the data in alphabetical or numerical order, whereas descending order sorts the data in reverse alphabetic or numeric order.
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5. You should still proof your worksheet even after running the spell checker.
Two, Three, Four, There is no limit,
6. The spell checker in Excel has a built in grammar checking tool.
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7. The spell checker in Excel has a built-in feature to verify the accuracy of numbers, dates, and time values.
8. After setting up a sort criteria, you have to close the workbook, save it with a new name, and then open the original one to set another sort order.
This is the order of how you want the names to appear in the final sorted list, It%27s the natural order of sorting names, You want to alphabetize any people with the last name, Gives you extra practice tryingn the sort,
9. You can activate a sort key by clicking on the column heading for that column of data.