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(ITF) Key Apps: Excel 2007: Lesson 3: Working With Formulas

1. The purpose of the Formula bar is to display the contents of the cell.
You can type it in manually, Select the cell and then start typing the formula, Point at the cell to be included in the formula instead of typing its address, Any of these answers,
2. A circular reference is when you repeat the same cell several times in a formula.
Exponents, multiplication or division, addition or subtraction, Multiplication or division, exponents, addition or subtraction, Multiplication or division, addition or subtraction, exponents, It doesn%27t matter which operand is used; calculations are performed from left to right,
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4. What is the natural order that calculations are performed?
It takes longer to produce widgets than gadgets in the month, There was more production during the first three weeks of the month, Almost twice the amount of gadgets are being produced than widgets, Any of these answers,
5. The structure for entering a formula is =Function(first cell address to last cell address), or =sum(c1-c4).
6. How can you enter a cell address into a formula?
7. Look at the table of information above, and then indicate what conclusion you can make from the numbers. (Choose two).
F2, F3 elearning , F4, F5,
8. Change a relative address to ab absolute address when you want the cell address to stay constant as you copy the formula to other cells.
TRUE, FALSE tool for teachers , elearning ,
9. Which key would you use to make a cell address into an absolute address?
10. A formula is a calculation using numbers or cell addresses in one or more cells.