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(ITF) Key Apps: Excel 2007: Lesson 2: Manipulating the Informati

1. How many items can the Office Clipboard hold for insertion into an Excel worksheet?
CTRL, Shift, Alt, Enter,
2. When you activate the Cut or Copy command, a marquee appears around the selected cell(s) to be used with the Cut or Copy command. How can you remove the marquee?
Delete, F2, F3, Enter,
3. Which key can you use to select multiple non-consecutive ranges of cells?
TRUE, FALSE, online learning games ,
4. The AutoFill feature will review the contents of selected cells and then fill adjacent cells with corresponding data, based on the trend or type of data in the selected cells.
Press ESC, Press ENTER, Continue entering data in new cells, Any of these answers,
5. The names of each of the sheets cannot be changed.
12, 24, 1 online learning games , 36,
6. When you click on the Undo button itself, Excel will undo the last action performed only, whereas if you click on the down arrow for the Undo command, you can undo multiple actions.
7. Which key activates the Edit mode?
Select Format, Column, Width, Select Format, Column, AutoFit Selection, Click and drag the line at the right of the column heading , Any of these answers,
8. When you insert a new row, where does it go?
Above the current row, Below the current row, ,
9. How can you adjust the width for a column?
TRUE, FALSE prepare quiz , ,