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(ITF) Key Apps: Excel 2007: Lesson 1: Getting Started

1. How can you create a new blank workbook?
Any box in the worksheet, The grey boxes at the top or left of the worksheet identifying the columns or rows, The intersection of a column and a row, Any of these answers,
2. How can you open a file?
Press CTRL %2b N, On the Quick Access toolbar, click New, On the Home tab, in the Editing tab, click the Blank Workbook, Any of these answers,
3. There is no difference between a workbook and a worksheet.
On the Quick Acess toolbar, click New, Click the Office Button, click New create online tests , Press CTRL%2bN, Click the Blank Workbook link on the Getting Started task pane.,
4. A cell is:
Click Office Button, Click Open, On the Quick Access toolbar, Click Open, Press CTRL%2bO, Any of these answers,
5. You must always save a document in the Documents folder, regardless of whether you have access to other drives.
On the Quick Access toolbar, Click Close, Click the Close Window button distance learning , Press CTRL%2bW, Any of these answers,
6. Text is automatically aligned at the left side of the cell whereas numbers and dates are aligned at the right side of the cell.
7. Which method can you use to close a workbook? (Choose Two)
8. Use the Save command when you want to save changes made to an existing document, and the Save As command when you want the file to have a different file name.
TRUE, FALSEweb page, ,
9. Which key can you use to move to a specific cell? (Choose two answers).
F5, CTRL %2b G, CTRL %2b Home online learning games , CTRL %2b F,