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Dangers On The Web *

This is a PRACTICE type activity. You may repeat it as much as you like to get 100%25! When you%27re done, use the Snipping Tool and make a .jpg picture of your score.

1. Which website would be the most secure?,,,
2. Which is NOT a benefit of social networks?
makes connections between people visible, let%27s you buy things online, helps you find jobs, helps you find friends
3. What is phishing?
web sites designed to fool you into giving information, a type of internet tool to block criminal activity, a way to purchase things safely on the internet, a web site that imitates real fishing
4. What is the key to avoid phishing scams?
use safe passwords, set your social network to private, be aware of what they look like, don%27t do any online banking
5. What kind of an icon can you see at the bottom of a secure website?
monkey, key, padlock, stop sign
6. What is one way to know a company has a security certificate and is trustworthy?
the word %22secure%22 is in the web address, the color of the address bar is green, a happy face appears, you can%27t really know
7. What should your password never contain?
letters, numbers, letters that form words, information about you
8. Who should you share your passwords with?
teachers, friends, relatives, no one
9. What should you ALWAYS do when you use a computer that is not yours?
use a common password, make sure it belongs to a friend, log out, don%27t use the internet
10. What is a Social Network?
a network of computers educational games , a network of people, a network of rules, a network of modems
11. What allows you to make connections with people that are hidden?
medical network, business network, nanonetwork, social network