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(ITF) Key Apps: Word 2007: Lesson 14: Working with Others

You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz before it will time out.

1. Where does the Reviewing Pane appear on the screen?
Contents of the marked item, User name, review date, and review time, User name and contents of the marked item, Any of these answers,
2. When you place the cursor overtop of a marked item, what will the screen show?
Insert tab, Comments group, Click Comment, Review tab, Comments group, click the New Comment, Press CTRL %2b Shift %2b E, Any of these answers,
3. When you turn on the Reviewing Pane, all items in the Show Markup button area no longer active.
Top, Left, Bottom, Right,
4. How can you activate the Track Changes feature? (Choose two answers).
Document only in its final form, Document with markup items included, A list of the markup items, Any of these answers,
5. When you print a marked up document, what options are available for printing this document?
6. Revision marks can help identify what changes were made in a document and by whom.
On the Review tab, in the Tracking Group, click Track Changes, Double-click the TRK box in the status bar, Press CTRL%2bShift%2bE, Any of these answers,
7. With Track Changes activated, changes made by other people appear in different colors.
8. How can you insert a comment into a document?
View tab, WIndows group, Reviewing Pane, Review tab, Tracking group, click Reviewing Pane, Split the window from the bottom, Any of the previous,
9. If you find the balloon items too distracting on the screen with the Track Changes feature activated, you can turn them off and then use the Reviewing pane.