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(ITF) Key Apps: Word 2007: Lesson 7: Using Additional Formatting

You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz before it will time out.

1. Where ae the margin boundaries?
TRUE, FALSE, create online activities ,
2. You can have Word insert the date as a code that will update automatically regardles of when you open the document.
TRUE, FALSE educational activities , ,
3. Spacing refers to the amount of white space between each line of text.
Page Layout tab, Page Set Up group, Margins, Select File, Page Size, Select File, Paper Setup, Select File, Page Setup,
4. You can use any font to insert a special character into the document.
Portrait, Landscape, ,
5. How can you activate the command to change the paper size?
In the dark areas of the ruler, The divider line betweenm the light and dark areas of the ruler, At the edge of the light area of the rulers, Underneath the indent markers,
6. You can use the Insert, Symbol feature to insert special characters such as the copyright symbol, a single opening qoute, an em dash etc.
7. If you wanted to create report with multiple columns and have it print on the long side of the paper, which orientation would you use?
TRUE, FALSE improve results , ,
8. How can you insert the date and time? (Choose two answers).
True, False online quizzes , ,
9. Paragraph spacing refers to the amount of white space between each line of text,
Type it in manually, Double-click on the Task Notification area, Insert tab, Text group, click Date and Time, Any of these answers,