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(ITF) Key Apps: Word 2007: Lesson 6: Proofing Your Document

You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz before it will time out.

1. You can also ask Word to find a special character for you such as a paragraph or tab character in a document.
With a green wavy line, With a purple dotted line, With a red wavy line, The book in the status bar has an X in it,
2. How can you activate the Replace feature? (Choose two answers).
Review tab, Proofing group, click Spelling %26 Grammar, On the Quick Access toolbar, click the ABC button, Press F7, Any of these answers,
3. Which method can you use to activate the Spelling and Grammar feature for the entire document?
Synonyms, Antonyms, Look up other words, Any of these answers,
4. When Word finds a word that does not exist in the current dictionary, how does this appear on the screen?
On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find, Press CTRL %2b F, Double-click anywhere on the status bar and then select Find, Any of these answers,
5. How can you activate the Find feature? (Choose two answers).
6. What options does the thesaurus offer you?
7. If formatting was used in either the Find and Replace fields, Word will automatically remove it from the field when yhou next activate Find or Replace.
Home tab, Editing group, Replace, Press CTRL %2b H, Double-click anywhere on the status bar and then select Replace quiz generator , Any of these answers,
8. Even though you have some proofing tools available, you should still proof your document before sending the document to print.
9. You can find and replace non-printing codes such as the paragraph marks or tab characters.