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Vocabulary- proficiency

Wybierz prawidłową odpowiedz

1. evenly
equally, morbid, peep, infested
2. class web page catastrophically
disastrously, skeletal, most, stare
3. disturbingly
alarmingly, outstanding, seriously, down-at-heel
4. see briefly
glimpse, grave, greatly, feast
5. look at steadily in surprise or admiration
gaze, sordid, greatly, outstanding
6. ESL look at intently with eyes wide open
stare, most class website , infested, elation
7. learning have a quick look (throuhg)
glance, elation, highly, gaze
8. take a quick look when you shouldn`t
peep, greatly teaching , bitterly, dilapidation
9. educational activities look closely at (as if trying to look more clearly)
peer, perfectly, smub, give last
10. smell
musty, gaze, legal tender, nook and
11. logic
perverse , deeply, most, bitterly
12. with
obsessed, infested, grim, skeletal
13. lookin
skeletal, deeply, most, gaze
14. results kitchen
infested, commonplace, frown upon, shabbily
15. travellers
weary, peer, stare, highly
16. place
sordid, grave, infested, bitterly
17. online activities danger
grave create online activities , frown upon, bitterly, sultry
18. cranny
nook and, obsessed, weary, musty
19. disappointed
bitterly, peep, sordid, skeletal
20. resentful
bitterly, grim, fully, elation
21. cold
bitterly, peer, dilapidation, equally
22. simple
perfectly, frown upon, weary, feast
23. class web page fair
perfectly, bitterly, highly, perverse
24. reasonable
perfectly, infested, dispel, nook and
25. kind
most, accumulated, disastrously, deeply
26. generous
most printable , musty, shabbily, rustic
27. helpful
most generate answer keys , smub, glance, alarmingly
28. changed
greatly, glance, sordid, alarmingly
29. different
greatly, perfectly, equally, shabbily
30. mistaken
greatly, perverse , musty, accumulated
31. offended
deeply, obsessed grading , fully, brawl
32. moved
deeply, most , most, equally
33. aware
fully, give last , disastrously, skeletal
34. insured
fully, legal tender, rustic, deeply
35. concious
fully, rustic, scapegoat, legal tender
36. ill
seriously, legal tender, dispel, sultry
37. wounded
seriously, dilapidation, down-at-heel, scapegoat
38. injured
seriously, disastrously, peer, down-at-heel
39. amused
highly, most, dilapidation, bitterly
40. trained
highly, dispel, gaze, musty
41. qualified
highly, legal tender, down-at-heel, most
42. offer
lucrative, disastrously, shabbily, peer
43. the spot
on, glimpse, glance, frown upon
44. literally
digging up, highly, dilapidation, brawl
45. feeling of great happiness
elation, seriously, down-at-heel, fully
46. strong interest in sad or unpleasant things
morbid, perfectly, outstanding, most
47. computer assisted language learning violent fight
brawl, infested, scapegoat, fully
48. gasp
give last , peep, grave, musty
49. ordinary
commonplace, alarmingly, seriously, smub
50. to make sth away
dispel, peer, commonplace, shabbily
51. mix questions weather that is hot
sultry, dispel, lucrative, bitterly
52. typical of the countryside
rustic, seriously, greatly, frown upon
53. not yet paid or done
outstanding, elation, seriously, commonplace
54. increased in amount over period of time
accumulated, bitterly, deeply, feast
55. sb blamed for sth bad
scapegoat, most, kindly, sordid
56. for the eyes
feast, skeletal class page , most , greatly
57. criticise
frown upon, glimpse, legal tender, highly
58. online activities looking old
down-at-heel, perfectly, peep, lucrative
59. in bad condition
shabbily, dilapidation, glimpse, sultry
60. state of being old
dilapidation, digging up, seriously, bitterly
61. treat sb rudely
smub, bitterly, most, down-at-heel
62. causing worry
grim, commonplace, grave, seriously
63. money
legal tender, bitterly, disastrously, down-at-heel