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Vocabulary- proficiency

weary, commonplace, peep, alarmingly, greatly, highly, peer, on, lucrative, sordid, sultry grading , stare, dispel, brawl, accumulated, scapegoat online learning games , bitterly, nook and, greatly, fully, fully, perfectly, grave, bitterly, most , infested, kindly, shabbily, digging up online quizzes , give last , grim, perfectly, feast computer assisted language learning , elation, disastrously, gaze, most, obsessed, fully, highly ESL , dilapidation, glance, rustic, deeply, seriously online activities , outstanding, greatly, equally, skeletal, seriously, most, frown upon, perfectly, smub printable , morbid, glimpse, seriously, deeply, musty, perverse , bitterly class website , legal tender, highly, down-at-heel,

treat sb rudely, helpful, travellers quiz , ordinary, the spot, offended, criticise, sb blamed for sth bad, cold, kitchen, fair, gasp, look at steadily in surprise or admiration, cranny, kind, generously, changed, money, concious, not yet paid or done, aware, disturbingly english , generous teacher , moved, reasonable, logic, state of being old, for the eyes, danger, see briefly class web page , lookin dynamic quiz , take a quick look when you shouldn`t, wounded, feeling of great happiness distant learning , smell, weather that is hot, have a quick look (throuhg), looking old, trained, literally, look at intently with eyes wide open, with, mistaken, disappointed, insured, causing worry, increased in amount over period of time, ill, place, strong interest in sad or unpleasant things, simple, catastrophically, look closely at (as if trying to look more clearly), qualified, offer, amused, violent fight teaching , evenly, to make sth away online , resentful, different, typical of the countryside class web page , in bad condition, injured,