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Vocabulary # 17 (copy)

Complete activity until you get 100%25 at least once.

1. keep telling people that it is so, even if they disagree
insistent, scarcely, plentiful, audacious
2. not getting hurt after something dangerous happens
unscathed, insistent, elucidate, quandary
3. something you may not notice because it doesn%27t stand out
subtle, insistent, Skim, keen
4. move around something in a skillful way
maneuver, plentiful, intense, elucidate
5. something that is vey strong or goes to an extreme
intense, scrutinize, unscathed, elucidate
6. trying wild things, even taking risks, to reach their goal
audacious, subtle web tool , Skim, quandary
7. strong feelings about something that seems almost crazy
fanatical, intense, venture, keen
8. things that you have or own
possession, scrutinize, intense, elucidate
9. going somewhere even if it is dangerous
venture, elucidate, intense, scarcely
10. something that is just barely the case
scarcely, maneuver, intense, quandary
11. to look at something very closely and carefully
scrutinize, insistent, keen, unscathed
12. to have to make a decision but can%27t but can%27t decide what to do
quandary, plentiful, scrutinize, fanatical
13. very aware and able to see even the most minor detail
keen, plentiful, venture, unscathed
14. educational games to make it clear and easy to understand
elucidate, Skim, fanatical, intense
15. school there is so much of it that there%27s enough for everyone
plentiful, Skim, keen, venture