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(ITF) Key Apps: Word 2007: Lesson 3: Formatting Text

You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz before it will time out.

1. Which of the folllowing alignment buttons would you use to center text?
2. Which method can you use to activate the Font dialog box? (Choose two).
3. To add a border between paragraphs, you could apply a bottom border on a blank line.
On the Mini toolbarm click the X button, Press CTRL%2bD, Home tab, Font group, click Dialog Box launcher, Any of the previous,
4. While the Font group on the Home tab contains some of the more commonly used formatting features, there are more effects you can apply to text in the Font Dialog box.
5. Character formatting is the process if changing the appearance and position of text characters.
To apply the formatting features to multiple pieces of text, To apply the formatting to one piece of text, To add the formatting features into a new style, You only need to click once on the Format Painter to use it,
6. If you add a shading color of black to a selected paragraph, Word will automatically change the color of the text to white.
CTRL %2b L, CTRL %2b R, CTRL %2b J, CTRL %2b E,
7. When you want to change the font for the text, you can only use the Font dialog box in order to preview the variety of fonts.
8. When would you want to double-click onthe Format Painter button?
TRUE, FALSE, improve results ,
9. Formatting options can be applied to text before of after text is applied.