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(ITF) Key Apps: Word 2007: Lesson 1: Creating Documents

Please be aware that some questions have more than one answer. You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz before it will time out.

1. What kind of information can you add to a file%27s properties?
2. Which method would you use to open a document?
3. The Save As command should be used whenever you want to save a file with a new or different name than it may already have.
4. Non-printing characters will print with a document inless you turn them off.
To add information to help you find this document later, To see how many words were used in the document, To see when the document was created or last modified, Any of these answers,
5. How can you close a document?
Click Office Button and then Close, Press CTRL%2bW, Click the Close Window button, Any of these answers,
6. Which option best describes why you would add properties to a document?
Click Office Button and then Open, Press CTRL%2bO, Select from Office Button Open submenu, Any of these answers,
7. There is only one file type saved with Word documents and it is .docx.
8. Once Word is started, you can begin typing a new document.
Author name, Title, Date last accessed, Any of these answers,
9. What%27s the difference between pressing CTRL%2bN and clicking the Office Button, New to create a new blank document? (Choose two answers).
Using the shortcut keys creates a new blank document faster, The New command starts a new session of Word for a new document, The New command displays a list of templates of which one is a blank new document, There is no difference other than preference for creating a new document,