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Making Inferences

1. It was cool outside.The leaves were changing colors and there were pumpkin decorations on the walls. What season is it?
in the evening, at night printable , in the morning, in the afternoon,
2. Susie loves going to the library. She reads every day and every night, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Her favorite book to read is %22The Cat in the Hat%22. Last Weekend, Susie asked her mom to take her the public library to get a library card. What can you conclude about Susie?
Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring,
3. Doctors recommend that everyone exercise every day, particularly those who spend many hours doing sedentary activities like reading or playing video games. We can infer that when people are doing sedentary activities, they must be:
She is helpful., She is afraid of bugs. save time , She is very curious, She likes to play soccer.,
4. %22Luis!%22 shouted Mrs. Lopez, %22I%27ve called you three times. You come down this minute or you%27ll be late for breakfast.%22%22Coming, Ma,%22 he answered, and a moment later he appeared on the stairway. Mrs. Lopez gasped when she saw him, but Karen merely laughed.%22I kept wondering what made you stay in the bathroom so long,%22 exclaimed his mother. %22But I never expected you, all by yourself, to comb your hair so slick and to wear a regular shirt and a tie. And a tie! Are you sick, Luis?%22 %22I can tell you what it%27s all about,%22 volunteered Karen. He met that Wineska, the new girl, and he%27s gaga about her.%22 %22I am not. Don%27t listen to her, Ma. She%27s just like all little sisters, always saying something to tease me.%22 And Luis glared at Karen, hoping that his fierce look would scare her into silence.%22Ha, ha! Think you can frighten me, do you? And that isn%27t all. He walked her all the way home yesterday and carried her books, too.%22When did this story happen?
They listened and studied., They didn%27t come to school that day. create online quizzes , They didn%27t listen in class., They copied off their neighbor.,
5. Lisa carefully examined the bug sitting on the leaf. She noticed that it had six legs and a hard shell. Lisa had never seen a bug like this before. She grabbed her magnifying glass and camera. What do you know about Lisa?
Susie likes icecream and cake., Susie enjoys reading., Susie does not like the library., Susie%27s favorite day is Saturday.,