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IS lingo

Muslim Brotherhood, Ecowas, Camp David Peace Accords, sanctions, secular or secularism, Arab Spring, Arab League e-learning , foreign policy, collateral damage, coup, pre-emptive strike, geopolitics, Mubarak, multilateral multiple choice questions , OPEC, unilateral,

1970%27s Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement backed by U.S., minimizing religion or religious organizations, suprise assault against a nation before the country attacks , punitive measure which are commonly economic, implementing a policy alone, the plans used by a nation to interact with other countries, organization advocating less secularism in Egypt, member nations seek economic development across Africa crossword maker , Middle East rebellions erupting in Spring 2011 learning , several nations carrying out a policy together, African %26 Middle Eastern nations which coordinate policies , assaults on military targets which result in civilian deaths, international organization promoting oil sales %26 prices, former authoritarian head of state for Egypt, overthrow of a government, French origin, influence of politics and geography upon a nation,