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Quiz 1.2

1. During a; chemical reaction,; the mass of; the reactants; is equal to; the mass of; the products.
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2. Although alchemists failed to transform lead into gold, what two positive contributions did they make to the field of chemistry? (choose two answers)
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3. Priestley converted mercury(II) oxide to mercury and oxygen. If these were the only three substances present, apply the law of conservation of mass to calculate:
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4. Antoine Lavoisier demonstrated that oxygen was the component of air responsible for the apparent increase in mass observed in combustion reactions. His findings contributed to the law of conservation of mass. Arrange the words below in order to describe this law.
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5. Many elements are not found in their pure form in nature. The pioneer chemists had to # elements from compounds.
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6. a) the mass of mercury oxide that would produce 2.00g of liquid mercury and 0.16g of oxygen gas
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7. b) the mass of mercury produced when 4.6g of mercury oxide is completely decomposed to produce 0.37g of oxygen
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